Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy horse's birthday to all the little ponies.

The Shopping Sherpa asked for an update on the whole fiscal fasting, and I am the first to admit it was a brilliant idea. Money saved during June was spent on my holiday in July (the first time in living memory the holiday was paid for entirely out of savings not credit, so no nasty surprises when I got the monthly statement), and it also meant that a good habit was begun.

For July I allowed two meals out/or take home from local Chinese place, and not much else in the way of thoughtless spending, and already the credit card bill looks healthier than it has in approximately 8 years. Don't faint AB, the balance is now consistently under a couple of hundred dollars. By the end of August ........... it should read nil. I have to say that again, NIL!!!!! In 33 years while I have been working it has never been this number, and absolutely its only due to the example and encouragement of fellow bloggers, I love you guys.

Projecting into the future I see the overseas trip being entirely affordable (with continued fiscal restraint - an I really did not miss out on anything during the past two months) within the foreseeable future. YAY!

Life continues as always, but with some excitement. New roof, hooray no more buckets in the dining room, and because we always wanted to spruce up the back yard, stensiled concrete. Now to paint the walls, mow the lawn ..... all the usual stuff. what's that sock, you miss me, coming ......

WIP update, hand spun cardi, back is now completed and first sleeve on the needles, going good, pics at 11.


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