Friday, May 23, 2008

Today dear friends I am wearing cashmere socks (thanks Daphne) and a silk neck kerchief (enchanted knoll - now selling at the Loopy Ewe).

I am wrapped in knitted goodness, and currently knitting a "rustic" (read garter stitch triangle) shawl in hand spun. It is knitted from corner point, increasing a beginning of every second row, to the middle, and then decreasing to the other corner. The plan is to knit one ball to the longest point, one ball back up and the use the smallest amount to knit on a border (or fringe if I am over knitting it at that stage). The yarn is chain plied, from a sample pack Lizzie ordered for my birthday, then promptly forgot about, eventually finding the wool (5 balls of roving, one each of red, hot pink, green, blue and purple) and gifting to me some time in March (5 months later). Because it was a rainbow, sans jeune (yellow), I stripped out some yellow from the sugar and spice roving I got from Mandie, and added it into the rainbow in appropriate order. Oo er, bad Gemma, a rainbow with only 6 colours, how heretical.

hopefully a photo to follow later today, when I have 5 more minutes to take it, then post.


PS, neither the new kitten, nor the bloody golden retriever have been strangled ...... yet!


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