Sunday, June 01, 2008

So what did you do on your Saturday???

I went to Star City (yuckkky casino) to the Lyric Theatre and saw the Phantom of the Opera!!!
I was so good, of course I cried, (silly question). We were sitting in Row A, which is the third row from the front, and in seats 32, 33, 34 and 35, which is right under the chandelier. Yep when that sucker falls, it falls down first then across on to the stage. None of the people I was with even watched the stage at that point, we laid back in out seats to watch the huge mass of the chandelier dropping on to our heads. very impressive.

We got the understudies for the roles since we were at the matinee, and while I would rather have had Anthony Warlow as my phantom, the Christine we had was apparently better than the main Christine (one daughter had seen the show during the week with her girl friends and got the full cast). So win some, lose some. Of course that close to the front we got the best views of the costumes, which were gobsmaking!!! I want Christine's dress from the Don Juan number, silver, cream, white, beads, bustles, decolletage, full belled sleeves. Yum!! It was a great show!

Who do I have to knock off to get funds to go again?

PS, its my little brother's new baby's Baptism today, and know how I found out? One of the sisters I was with yesterday said "see you tomorrow and I'll bring the DVD then." "Tomorrow??? Im going to the back to back challenge at Kurrajong with one of my daughters, you're going too??" "Um, so you're not going to Steve's for Mark's Baptism?"

It was strangely gratifying to see the look on mum and my sister's faces when they realised I genuinely did not know anything about the affair being held today. But at the same time I kept thinking it must be a mistake. It made me sad, since I always got on okay with all my family, even the daggy one (I thought), but maybe not.

Anyway everyone knows a promise made to offspring over rules anything else, so in a little while, after I put out the washing and do the washing up from yesterday (when I was not even home - don't go there) Liz and I are heading off up the Blue Mountains for some fun.

In the words of a favourite spider "peace out" people.


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