Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 15 (can you feel it?)

We're half way through October, although technically since it's only 11.33 not quite half way, but here we are.

Tonight is Guild night, and our president Mme Caroline is visiting. It is also the night I said I would provide a report to the meeting on the trip to the Southern Highlands, Exeter to be exact, where Kerry and I went to check out the tea cosy competition. Apparently the exhibited tea cosies were much more elaborate in Morpheth, so it was hard to get ideas for next year at this exhibition. Still there were some lovely things to see.

In other news, Geffo, the ex is doing the MS Ride to Wollongon and looking for sponsorship, so if you feel like helping a good cause feel free to add a little to his donations. I felt kindly towards the cause since every day I work with people with this crappy disease. No known cause, no known cure, more women than men get it. It's a really sad story and we see it every day, so just saying, anything that can help improve the lives of people with MS is a good research topic in my book.



At 1:50 pm, October 16, 2009, Blogger TinkingBell said...

I'm so impressed by your daily blogging - and love the idea of a report back on tea cosies!


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