Sunday, October 11, 2009

handmaiden sea silk

handmaiden sea silk
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And finally, something I started yesterday because I could. It was not until I had knitted a bit that i realised it was one a number of balls of sea silk I had bought a few years ago now. It was originally to give away, but when I comprehended it was the Handmaiden, I readjusted my plans and started something else also in purple. Not really doing it justice here, as there are far too many stitches to fit on a very slippery plastic needle to spread it out properly. Will have to find the circular needle in this size and transfer it over for a decent shot.


At 11:18 pm, October 12, 2009, Blogger Leah said...

Oh yes! Handmaiden sea silk has become something of an obsession with me.

It has the loveliest sheen and drape in any yarn I've worked with!

That looks like a very pretty pattern.


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