Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Day 7, the posts get shorter

Today I have had a mental blank. I have no idea what I want to cook for dinner, and so in desperation I have bought some lamb chops on the way home. I love lamb, tender, not overcooked, and I lightly sauted the chops with lemon sprinkled on. I cooked diced potatoes in the fry pan (covered) and since it is a non-stick one, the only grease came from the chops, and they were lovely and lean. Add in a couple of onions. Delicious. I did peas and carrots, and served with mushroom sauce.

So from having a mental blank to dinenr, not too shabby, and there were about six leaves of silver beet, which I threw into the boiling water, just before I tipped it off the carrots.

I will be running off now to knit the second piece of the toy I am preparing for Penny's Christmas competition at West Ryde Knitting Guild. Yep it's in December, but i have a fear of running out of time, so I do things early. With any luck it will be finished in plenty of time (fingers crossed, touch wood etc etc).



At 9:21 pm, October 07, 2009, Blogger Catherine said...

What's Penny's Christmas thing? I haven't seen anything on ravelry...

Sounds mysterious and fun.

At 7:34 am, October 08, 2009, Blogger trashalou said...

Any more details on this toy? Love knitting toys.


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