Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 9 (Does before sparrow's fart count?)

Friday summed up the week. It was remarkably busy at work, Ben's birthday, the boss' birthday, and even though I hit the ground running (or walking since I lent Ben my car for the day)I never quite caught up.

I did however ring my daughter in England, the Cat, and she sounded good, happy and shopping since it was lunch time. It's not too often I am so wide awake at 11pm to I took advantage of it and phoned her. Three months is a very long time when one of the offspring are so far away from home, and I really miss her.

Anyway, because I was perpetually behind on my day, I bought dinner for the other daughter and I and we had a lovely Chinese meal, fighting off cats who love the prawns in the fried rice better than anything else. Liz is taking part in the 60th anniversary production by Bankstown Theatrical Society The best of Times. She loves it and I'm happy she has found something fun to do in company with others.

Today I am off the the lovely Southern Highlands with Kerry and her husband to scope out the CWA ladies of Exeter and their tea cosy competition. We will be getting ideas for our entry to Morpeth for next year and just having some fun. No photos because I have not yet replaced the dead camera (bugger).


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