Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 13 (what happened to yesterday?)

Well let's just move on shall we?

Tonight I felt like cooking, so that's what I did. zucchini stuffed with eggplant and topped with tomato sauce (with a nod to Huey, whose show I saw for the first time on Monday last week and this was one of the things he cooked). It involved finely dicing the egg plant and some garlic and cooking it until soft and cooked in a pan with lots of oil. I used a little olive oil, but mostly chicken stock I had cooked up earlier. While this was cooking I used a potato peeler to finely slice some zucchinis and laid them in overlapping slices, which I topped with the eggplant mixture and rolled up, like cannelloni. Placing each little bundle close together on a tray and finally topping with stewed tomatoes. Don't tell Liz but I used a little anchovy melted in butter before cooking the tomato sauce, it melts away, but adds a lovely salty tang to the sauce. pour over the zucchini, put in oven and cook. Yummmmm!

As well, I made asparagus soup. Made with homemade chicken stock, and fresh asparagus. I added in cream to serve, and it was splendid too. There was chocolate cake to finish with, but I was not in the mood.

The only thing is, cooking something time intensive after work makes for a late dinner. Anyhow, this is one of the few times I have cooked food from tv, and I have to recommend it.

Until next time, bon appetite!


At 8:55 am, October 14, 2009, Blogger elizabirthdaycake said...

umm hello?!? I read you're blog!!!! I hate you, how can I ever trust anyything you cook again?!?!


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