Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello Interweb

It's early Sunday morning, and I am using an unfamiliar keyboard, and it's slow going, as the keys are too close together and the function keys don't do the same stuff as I have set up at work, gripe, growl etc.....

The boys in my family played their winter cricket grand final today, and sadly they lost.
the other team were better on the day, but some of the other team had a very unhealthy occupation with "making babies" (or so their language would suggest), there was no respect for the ladies in the crowd, either their own wives, or the wives/mothers of our team. This put a bit of a dampner on the mood of all the girls, as their other halves were embarrassed and we were just insulted.
Here is a photo of the sky, which does not really do the light show justice ... there was much more grey/blue in the top clouds, and not long after this shot the heavens opened for a few minutes, just enough to have me head back to the group for shelter,

Its a hard thing losing after a long season, but the good news is summer cricket starts in a couple of weeks, so the whole thing begins all over again.

But cricket, summer and winter is often an excuse with me to get knitting or *c* done, with the reasoning being I hate to sit still and do nothing, so today I was knitting mitred squares and making a four square without sewing. Thoroughly impressed with the Mason-Dixon method as shown on their blog recently, and a keeper I think, as blankets are something I pick up and work through regularly (although for some strange reason not in the past 2 years - its been all garments). I have 1/12 of a new blanket coompleted, and will post pictures when I take one (bad blogger, to not have a picture ready).

I've decided to write (yes in longhand) in my journal tonight, because my mind is still a bit stirred up from today, and the interweb feels private, but we all know better, and really sometimes its just a little embarrassing when you read over some of the rants we do, so goodnight to all. (Oh and yes it is the mostly absent husband in the photo, fancy him getting caught in a pic!)(and yes we all had a good day, which always makes the empty night a bit hard, but hey there is internet and knitting, what more could a reasonable girl ask for?)

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At 10:48 am, August 20, 2007, Blogger Jejune said...

Ah Gemma - boys can be such a trial, whether it's swearing and being aggressive, or just not being there... hope your journal writing was therapeutic, and your week is off to a good start. And good luck to your boys for the summer cricket season!


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