Wednesday, August 08, 2007

rainbow scarf

rainbow scarf
Originally uploaded by Gemma_Anne
Thanks to Happy Spider I am able to present detail of the lovely clapotis scarf, made in colourway "over the rainbow" which co-incidentially matches a pair of mitts and socks made earlier. She does the best dye work, and with just enough left over for a hat (?) or a scarf for a second person, who to choose?????


At 5:15 pm, August 08, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me!!! choose me! I want a scarf come on mum I love you I promise :)

At 9:25 am, August 09, 2007, Blogger Jejune said...

It's just beautiful, Gemma - well done!!

At 10:17 pm, August 09, 2007, Blogger Lara said...


At 10:45 pm, August 12, 2007, Blogger Tanya said...

Lovely!!! Make a hat and keep it for yourself - lol!

At 4:27 am, August 14, 2007, Blogger Bridget said...

That is one beautiful scarf!

I'm just getting ready to start on my first Clapotis - I can't wait.


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