Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I can't believe how fast August is flying. There are grand finals in several versions of the cricket my sons play (indoor and winter), so there goes chunks of weekends, house renovations (more time), work of course, but that has been pretty good lately, and then there is fun and games.

There has been knitting (while visiting MIL in hospital, while waiting around in doctors rooms, while picking kids up at train stations), honestly, how do people cope with waiting who don't have knitting, or something similarly portable to keep themselves amused?

Thankfully, all the bratty offspring are in good form, so no worries on the home front, and when there is no news, at least there is also no bad news, something to be thankful for.

There are finished objects, and while it was not finished in this photo taken Monday, it is today, and just in time as the winter weather returns to Sydney. Everyone is amazed when I say, yes it is hand spun ..... yes the colours are pretty..... muggles are funny when you tell them you can craft, they get all amazed even with stocking stitch!! The roving was from That Spinning place of course, Rainforest floor - spun to a worsted weight.

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At 6:03 pm, August 14, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and so of course when you say "bratty offspring" you're talking about Catherine right mum? :)


At 5:08 pm, August 15, 2007, Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Oh! Oh! I checked out that Rainforest floor wool! Love the warm colours,You lucky thing,was it nice to spin up?

At 3:19 pm, August 16, 2007, Blogger Amy Lane said...

Wow--even non muggles get fairly impressed w/handspun:-) (Thanks for the 'buck-up' on my blog--needed it!)

At 9:55 am, August 17, 2007, Blogger Kate said...

Sunrise? Sunrise is good, although as Mother said, "Half past six? I've never been up that early, except when I haven't been to bed." I do come from a long line of not morning persons. Love your rainforest floor.

At 9:23 pm, August 17, 2007, Blogger Jejune said...

Just think of all that time I used to read trashy old mags at doctors' offices - it's now knitting time!

The Rainforest floor wool is just perfect - love those colours, and your hand-spun is brilliant. I'm impressed!


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