Sunday, June 15, 2008

So Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public day, celebrated by the Ells.... Clan at Miranda Shopping Centre. There were the four of us, and in a stroke of amazment we discovered there is a S'n'B group that meets regularly at Miranda every Saturday. They had seen the notice of a KIP at Miranda and graciously joined us. It was immediately apparent that someone who does not know the shopping centre layout had organised where we were meeting, and after about 30 seconds discussion, we decided to adjourn to where the s'n'b regularly meet, the chocolate cafe. (Heaps better ladies, thank you for that suggestion, more space, admittedly less exposure but much nicer coffee and Aztec style chocolate ..... Best news of all is that they meet every week (mostly) and asked if any of us would like to come along, just to turn up. Ah knitters, is there anyone nicer?

In the photos there is Sim, Lorna, Kat, Catherine and Mum (Eisie), we're all knitting and of course wearing hand knits. Shelly is not in the picture, as in a twist of fate two of her school friends (and one of them brought her baby) arrived. Of course, Shelly had to jump over to their table and visit. Knitters are the friendliest people. Thanks Sutherland S'n'B for being so gracious and letting us join with you for a hugely successful KIP day.

When 2 rolled around we decamped, heading off to Lincraft and then for food. When mum and Catherine had to do supermarket shopping on the way home, I sat and minded the bags, (and we all know it was just another opportunity to knit in public, only this time I did spinning with the drop spindle). Lots of people stopped to watch (and I did not drop it once yay), so more handing out of lists of web sites, and general talking about knitting.

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At 2:49 pm, June 15, 2008, Blogger Miss 376 said...

Glad you had a good day. I also met up with a group in a cafe and it was fantastic. I had never met them before as I am new to the area, but hopefully I have found myself a knitting grop to attend, if I can get there. It was a fantastic day

Happy knitting

At 7:23 am, June 27, 2008, Blogger Amy Lane said...

Nice--I knit with the family in Dairy Queen--sort of everyday is KIP for me:-)


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