Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our Holiday

.... in Mudgee, known far and wide for honey, wine, olives, and hence forth as the home of the really creepy, crazy frog .....

also the odd water tank (and art work)

tree of recycled water bottled (and disco ball)

And truly odd garden statue ....

When at home base (3 bed room cottage on Thistle Hill Vineyard)

we read and knitted with the slow combustion stove for warmth

watched the olive trees growing (and on a sunny day this was perfect)

and went for long walks around the property (where behind Kat, though you can see them are a pair of geldings), looking at the sheep, cows, bulls and horses. There was a fox who took up residence on the day before we arrived, and spent the next four nights driving the farm dogs on all the surrounding properties (as well as Milly and Molly at our place) crazy, teasing them and running around the place. Even I saw it for about 2 minutes as it frolicked among the olive trees.

We just "tapped" one kangaroo while driving, as evidenced by the slight cracking of one headlight guard. The bloody kanga was fine, Kat and I slightly less so ... very shaky. We were on our way to Mudgee Observatory (yes world I get the irony of taking Kat away from univ, the observatory, and the PhD, and taking her to another observatory, what can I say, cruel mummy is cruel! that's why we call her cruel mummy.) The night was a huge success (apart from Skippy) with even the Magelenic Clouds visible. The Milky Way was perfect, and there were many shooting stars between looking at galaxies I had never seen before, and I have a new favourite "the hamburger galaxy". It was a very clear night, and by 9pm the frost was coating the outside of the telescope (yep that's cold).

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At 6:50 am, July 08, 2008, Blogger Taphophile said...

Oh bliss - so glad you had a good time (apart from that teasing fox).


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