Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 16 (can I type without glasses?)

That is a good question, and I'm glad you asked it. Right now the screen is white with very fuzzy stuff appearing on it, at least it's in a straight line, so so far so good. I can touch type so that's not a problem as long as Mr Jinx
too late he jumped on my jeyboard and up on my shoulder, purring all the while.

It's Friday and tomorrow I have another excursion planned. This time some of the West Ryde Knitter's Guild are visiting the Blue Mountains Guild who are holding a how to knit socks workshop. It's going to be a lovely social day.

Last Saturday's trip to Exeter was fun too. We headed off early since the people I went with are as obsessed about being early as I am, and on the way to the M5 we stopped at a Salvo's shop on Milperra Road. There was yarn, wooden cotton/silk reels, books. Much fun was had by poking around.

First real stop was at Wool Addiction Bowral for some stash enhancement (nobody needs stash enhancement around here, but whatever baby, there was yarn and it was good). I picked up a couple of balls of Annie Blatt mohair/lambswool and two balls of Noro silk garden sock, because like much of the world I am loving shawls at the moment and if you like colour, nothing is quite as nice as the long repeats of colour in the Noro.

Finally to the tea cosy competition. There was a huge variety in the quality of the entrants. Some were very well put together and some, pretty but not necessarily special. It was fun and I was in good company.


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