Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 17 (a grand adventure)

Like all the best adventures this began with a journey by train. I love train travel. I have been by train to the Gold Coast, Ballina, Grafton, Melbourne, and various places closer to Sydney (and sometimes by exotic trains, steam, vintage diesel). Today was just a combination of Tangara and inter city express. You get to meet all kinds of people and like during the Olympic period in Sydney, the Master's Games brings lots of people on public transport from all over the world. I have spoken to Iranian people (who are really loud when they argue/discuss things with each other), Canadians, A Fijian lady (who turned out to be a medal winner in the double's badminton, and even some softballers from Queensland. I had a ball, and visitors always love to talk about what they came to Sydney to do.

Anyhow, the purpose of the trip was for me to go to the Blue Mountains Guild for a sock knitting workshop. There were five of us from West Ryde Guild, and the ladies from BM (Blue Mountains) were welcoming and fun to learn with. In the group there were many levels of sock knitters, but even though I have knitted many pairs of socks, I learned two things today which will make life easier for me and reopen the book of top down socks. We learnt a tubular cast on which was so easy (really really), and despite being all thumbs, I also grafted the toe on my sock to finish. I need seriously to knit some swatches and practice grafting them together, because my first effort was seriously really loose, and yucky. It can only get better from here. Morning tea was yum, and Helen from our group brought a lovely lemon slice to share too.

Now I am home, but about to run out again to see Spamalot (the musical) performed by the Regals Musical Society. Report tomorrow.



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