Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 19 (still no glasses)

To follow on from yesterday's wallowing, I have made sure the few parties I have thrown for my kids were affairs to remember. I made party invites, or bought really good ones, made party bags of lollies/gifts for kids to take home (with brown paper bags and cut up wrapping paper, so the party person and their sibs were all included in the getting ready part). We have hosted some real rip snorters, complete with tantrums and laughter.

It's rather hard to pin down, but probably the party which left the biggest impression was my third child's 13th birthday sleepover. Picture teenagers, stacks of makeup (they were mostly heading towards a goth phase, so there was much black and really shiny red lips and nails). They were quite hysterically funny girls, there was singing to the video camera behind the closed bedroom door (which strangely enough Elizabeth we could still hear outside), there was giggling and posing for photos. The funniest thing (to me) was that one of them brought "Romeo and Juliet", the one with *huge sigh* Leo in it. They lay around in sleeping bags and blankets on the loungeroom floor and their eyes never left the screen, and at the end there was sobbing, like their little hearts were breaking. OMG!!!!! I was really solicitous for one of them who was particularly badly hit, asking her was that the first time she had seen the movie? It turned out it was her copy and she had seen it like 1000000 (well maybe not that many, but you get the picture) times.

I had to take myself away where she could not hear me, and broke down laughing.

Kids eh? They keep you young. more anon



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