Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spotted yesterday on the secretary from one of the other rooms on my floor, red suede shoes. Yum, and with heels too! Its easy to see we work inside, sitting down most of the day.

And while on the subject of yummy things, my Sleeping Dragon yarn arrived today, and is pictured here with my sleeping dragon, gifted by my clever son(see post below) just because he saw her and knew how much I love dragons. What a good boy.

Then there's the shot of Dragon the mighty, who when you say "sit" heads over to the chair and sits like a gentledog, what a show off.

Finally, reflected in the lens of the AH's camera is the moon, very early on during the eclipse. That was some show, and just for once, the weather co-operated perfectly. Many photos were taken during the course of the evening, and some were even worth posting here. Photos by Sailor Coruscant, Astrophysisist.

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At 5:18 am, August 31, 2007, Blogger The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

Hi. I found your blog as I'm also participating in the Second Wave Clapotis KAL. You have a husband, 4 children, 2 cats, and a beagle. Wow. I often have thought that merely having 1 beagle was so exhausting that it was fortunate I never had children! I'm also a fan of Anne McCaffrey (sp?). Might have to find some sleeping dragon yarn for myself. Cheers.

At 11:11 am, August 31, 2007, Blogger Jejune said...

Love your well behaved dog - mine just looks at me over her shoulder as she walks off! Those shoes are just bewitching :)

At 2:03 pm, August 31, 2007, Blogger Rose Red said...


(and the yarn is pretty lush too!)

At 3:33 pm, September 03, 2007, Blogger Amy Lane said...

I'm loving the Dragon-- and the son, of course, has wonderful taste!!!

At 6:03 pm, September 03, 2007, Blogger HobbygÃ¥sa said...

Nice shoes! And a lovely (and clever) dog too! Have a nice day!

At 10:33 am, September 04, 2007, Blogger TinkingBell said...

Love the shoes (who doesn't like red shoes) and the yarn - mmmmm Dragons! - wasn't it a great eclipse!


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