Friday, August 24, 2007

Mmmm Tofutsies. When at the Quilt Show (a little while ago) at Darling Harbour, I bought some Tofutsies, because I could and had read so much about it here and there. Well I am in luvvvv with this yarn. I cast on the Jaywalker sock at a Trivia night, mostly to show off to the people whose table we were put on (would you believe the Principal and teachers from the school doing the fund raising - I ask you who did we upset to get these seats??) and it was a big success. Both my sisters and I were wearing hand knits, and knitting as well, so I passed the sock round the table while explaining the yarn contents (crab shell???????). The muggles were suitably impressed, and we won't tell them that after the first couple of socks it really is so much easier than it looks!

The Spun Stitches KAL shawl is going good too. All you have to do to join is spin your own fibre and knit a shawl, posting pics and details as you go along. This is spun up from a fibre sample of cashmere/finn/merino, and its approximately laceweight. The pattern is the Bird's nest shawl, knitted appropriately smaller (132 sts) as a baby shawl/Christening shawl. Approximately half finished, and spread out (technical term here) to show off the detail, which is three pattern repeats with stocking stitch between repeat two and three.

I am about to be in trouble because I am almost finished the car scarf (the easy to pick up and knit on the go project), will have to nut out something else to do at traffic lights.

Living in a family is always more interesting than any soap on TV. At any given time there is laughter/fights, love won and lost, and all kinds of trauma in between. This week has been more of the same, but nothing to worry about, just for a change. Now if it stays dry for about 4 hours Saturday morning for watching kids finals for sport, I will be happy.

(I'm sure I should not tell you this, but I am happily singing along to Slim Dusty as I word process the letters)

Here's the Whisper - queen of all she surveys!

Enjoy the weekend all,

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At 1:57 pm, August 25, 2007, Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Im starting a baby shawl shortly for my Sons aide as shes off at Xmas to have her baby and after being with my son for two and a half years she deserves a bit of extra!Ill be using some Bendigo 4ply and an old pattern from one i scored off ebay for very little outlay,so Im interested in how your turns out!!!


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