Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dat 20 (presents!!!)

Kat is home from her second trip round the world. She started in Sydney three months ago, flew to Chile, Venezuela,and then Brazil. It's a long trip from Australia to the east coast of South America. She was in Rio for an astronomical conference.

Following this she spent the rest of her time away in Cambridge at the Issac Newton Institute, doing star stuff (astrophysics for her PhD). She brought home presents. I got two sew on patches, one has a lama on it. I got a dragon pin, since she knows I love dragons, and from somewhere in Rio, I got a St Anthony amulet, since he is my favourite saint.

She tells me that in the depths of her bag there is also chocolate, but it may just be empty packaging. She is almost back into Sydney time, but coming from an English summer into an Australian spring, and yesterday and today Sydney has really turned on the heat, is just a little hard for her, and she is wilting. No doubt she will soon get used to being hot again. She bought herself souvenir yarn (a Malabrigio painted lace weight, in hot pink) and some Harmony wooden needles. She is knitting an Ishbell! Now I feel the challenge to do one also.

I have tonight finished the Christmas present for the Chrissy swap on Ravelry, now all I have to do is block it. It's purple and I love it. Photos will follow, now I have a camera.

Pub night tomorrow, a special meeting to "debrief" following the visit to our local guild of President Carolyne. I wonder are we in trouble for asking her questions, and suggesting the guild is in danger of becoming irrelevant in today's knitting world (although not in so many words, but I have first hand knowledge that neither of my girls can see any value in spending money to join the guild, because "what will we get out of it?" {a direct question at dinner tonight from the 24 year old, and I was hard pressed to find something that she wanted that the guild could give her}).

It does sum up though what younger people think, the Guild is not for them .... I have yet to convince them otherwise.

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