Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 22

When I sit to type my posts mostly I have an idea of what I am going to say. Since much of the recent posting has been negative, I think an attitude shift is in order.

Tomorrow I am not going home from work. I have had a better offer. I am going to my mum's place to spend Friday night and all day Saturday, and if I am still tired I am going to sleep over again on Saturday night. A weekend away even. There will be take out for tea on Friday, probably Chinese, as there is a good restaurant at Engadine where she has eaten before with both of my brothers, and on Saturday at John Paul Village there is a fete (if you clicked the link, I have no idea where this waterfall is???). Nothing is as much fun for browsing as a good fete. Mum has been volunteered to sell raffle tickets, and I said I would bring along the spinning wheel and try to drum up business by sitting with her and doing something quaint. It helps that the second fibre club offerring from Mandie arrived and looks like boiled lollies, so is completely intriguing. It is a BFL (my absolute favourite fibre) bamboo viscose blend, and if I get really organised there will be a photo of before and after on the blog soon. Anyway that is the grand plan for this weekend.

I will have to post on Friday from work (which is where I am posting from today) and hopefully the dial up interweb will work at mum's place for a saturday special, otherwise one of my daughters will have to post a very random guest post, which seems to be all the rage anyhow this week.

So I have a smile plastered to my face, I have finished all my work and will be reduced to random filing tomorrow to fill in time, since the boss gets a little cross if I spin/knit while she is busy and I am not. c'est la vive!



At 12:31 am, October 23, 2009, Blogger Kathleen said...

You can 'pre-post' in blogger. You can select a publication date and time in the future using one of the selections at the bottom of the blogger window... or you can have a guest blogger! :)

Enjoy your restful weekend.


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