Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 23 - workspeak

my current favourites:

"The symptom complaints are not consistent with the injuries documented" - you're lying through your teeth.

"The cranial contents do not appear to have been disrupted at the time of the accident." I loved this one, it seems to mean that there is no brain injury, but this is so much a more eloquent way of putting it.

The boss was sent literature today from some shonky firm, looking for tame doctors to turn out reports that say what is needed, not necessarily what is full truth. She shredded it. She has such a good reputation that judges often appoint her now to do a report when there is a dispute between the experts engaged by the opposing parties. That one is always a feather in the cap, even when it makes so much more work for both of us.

It's lovely to work for a smart boss, even better when they are so ethically outstanding and well thought of as well.

Any how it's Friday, and there are only three more patients to go. Yay for weekends.



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