Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 24 (fete accomplished)

Today was the fete at John Paul Village. Turns out it was an old fashioned fete, with lots of stuff really cheap. My sister picked up two lovely tiny wine glasses, cut crystal for 50 cents, they sang when flicked and split the light into such lovely rainbows, they were a superb bargain. I got 6 books, 5 novels and 1 fantasy cross stitch reference book, some were old, but all were in good condition. When I look back over the blog, it is rather clear (to me at least) that I love looking through bargain books, and never come home with nothing. Today yielded a Buchan (Greenmantle), Greene (may we borrow your husband - short stories), Kipling (captains courageous), Alexander McCall Smith and Morgan Llywelyn. I love it.

I also took my spinning wheel. There were little old ladies who related spinning stories to me, little old men who love anything mechanical and were dying to give it a try, but maybe too shy. The kids were the best of all, and some even spun the wheel, learning about how the drive band, brake band, mother of all and flyer each did part of the job. One little boy, called Ben (dare I say it of course!!! It had to be a Ben) played with the drive shaft and ended up bruising his finger rather spectacularly when he spun the wheel while holding on to the piece, but he was okay. One boy even took the chair and spun some yarn while I drafted it for him. He dragged his mother over to show her what he had done. He was so excited!

Mum sold $158 worth of raffle tickets for a beautifully dressed bride doll, which was so much more than she expected, but she blames the fact that I was sitting beside her spinning, and so people stopped to look, making them an easy target for the "come on, it's only a dollar" approach.

The weather was lovely and just to see how the spinning effected so many people was rather special. Must do it again.



At 11:37 am, October 25, 2009, Blogger TinkingBell said...

Well done on stopping the marks and selling them tickets - and i loved the weasel speak from reports - especially the cranial disruption one!


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