Sunday, October 25, 2009

day 25 (heck it's Sunday, what more can you ask for?)

dinner tonight - chicken noodle soup and pizza. yummy, salty goodness.

Today's activities - corralling stash, knitting stash, finished the second half of my Christmas swap buddy's present. Had a nap, was woken up by visitor about 20 minutes into this nap. Drinking tea. Put out the washing, but due to rain, no need to bring it in, fold it, or iron it (shucks).

Watched the first five minutes of Bones, and have decided to have my cats euthanasia (ps, I have never seen such fat and docile feral cats, why aren't the ferals around here like that?).

Have put the cats to bed early, just in case they were watching Bones too, and got any ideas......



At 2:08 am, October 26, 2009, Blogger Janet McKinney said...

They were very contended cats on Bones weren't they. I know it is acting and all of that, but it was a gross scene.


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