Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 26 (Cats)

Cats and rain, is there anything funnier? Okay, realistically there is, but at 6am with wind and rain howling around the house, it's pretty funny.

My cats sleep in the laundry, all four of them. Every night they call a truce from the tumbling wars they play all day, and settle down in pairs in the nice warm laundry to sleep. Every morning around 6 they start to speak to each other. If I don't let them out pretty soon after this, the place is wrecked. When I let them out they all make a bee line for the front door, flying out when it is opened.

Today because of the rain, two dashed out as is their wont, one skidded to a halt just inside the door and looked at me, and the other sat in the kitchen and "lol catted" the other three. The two outside both ran out, jumping off the verandah before they realised it was raining, scrambling and slipping they turned around and headed back towards the door. They gave me such dirty looks when they realised I had shut the screen door as soon as they were out, and pretty quickly they had "talked" me into letting them back inside. Right now they are draped on furniture around the lounge room, as if nothing happened. The two who went out have washed off all the rain, and look their usual cool selves, "nothing to see here human, just move along".

Cats, endless source of humour.

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