Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 29 (still no internet * sigh*)

It's been a good day. Even though I had to go by train to work I had fun because I had Kat to talk to, and while we were powering along between Birrong and Regents Park, there by the grassy verge on the side of the track were bunnies!!!!! Not gray/feral rabbits, but lovely black fuzzy bunnies. There were four, in two groups of two just sitting there eating the rubbishy grass growing along the tracks. I know they are a pest, and probably escaped from someone's yard and in the future will just breed and become feral, but right now they are cute, and they made me smile. No mean feat on a Thursday morning!

Some lawyers messed up the first appointment of the day, and so after sitting around for 90 minutes we were ready for some light entertainment. Doc sees clients for the Motor Accident Authority as an independent expert. Today's offerring was a doozy! She thinks either he's stark raving mad (which coming from a psych is a serious description) or malingering, either way as soon as he was gone in the lift she truly fell about laughing. She was pouring coffee and giggling uncontrollably! From then on the day got better. We both love laughing at life! (ps he was found to a 0% impairment, so no hard feeling buddy, but you're okay)



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